Contact info

Laurence Hobbs Orchids Ltd
Bailiffs Cottage Nursery
Hophurst Lane
Crawley Down
RH10 4LN

Mobile: (+44)7961350053
24 hour office: 01293 561029

opening hours: 9 - 5 closed fridays

Open Days

The nursery is open by appointment Monday to Thursday. there are also several open weekends each year with discounts and free refreshments. Visits from societies are welcomed and the nursery can cater for both lunches and teas.



New plants in-: (£)


Cambria Silver  18.00

Cambria Cascades 18.00

Cambria Chayenne 18.00

Cambria ‘Mystic Maze’ 18.00

Cambria ‘Peggy Ruth’ 18.00

Cattleya grandi 30.00

Cattleya mixed colours 25.00

Cymbidium midi red 40.00

Cymbidium ‘Ice Cascade’ 40.00

Dendrobium ‘Berry Oda’ 20.00

Dendrobium Nobile ‘Florallure’ 18.00

Dendrobium Sa-Nook ‘Thailand Black’ 15.00

Encyclia Octopussy 20.00

Ludisia discolor 10.00

Masdavallias 20.00

Oncidium (compact) 15.00

Oncidium Twinkel 12.00

Paph Leanum 25.00

Paph maud. femma 15.00

Paph Black Jack 25.00

Phal  gran. ‘Picasso’ 20.00

Phal gran. ‘Flamingo’ 20.00

Phal gran. ‘Marmalade’ 20.00

Phal gran. Kasshi 25.00

Phal gran. hybr. cascade red lip 25.00

Phal hybr. Asian Coral 18.00

Phal hybr.golden beauty 18.00

Phal hybr. Lime Light 18.00

Phal hybr. Montreux 18.00

Phal hybr. Ravello 18.00

Phal (mixed colours) 18.00

Phal Rembrandt 18.00

Vanda Anant Gold  38.00

Vanda (mixed colours)   45.00

Zygopetilum 18.00


We have plenty of other plants and seedlings in stock. Contact Laurence direct on 07961 350053 for current plant availability – or email: Please leave a telephone contact number